STOP SOPA/PITA [please read whats inside]


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    STOP SOPA/PITA [please read whats inside] Empty STOP SOPA/PITA [please read whats inside]

    Post  HX- on Tue May 01, 2012 1:42 am

    if you are a united states citizen PLEASE visit this link watch the video and send a letter to congress i have done such myself. its simple form auto written all it needs is you to vouch for it. this is really IMPORTANT because if this law is passed our sites will be gone for good, YouTube will change or disappear.This site will disappear too. facebook/twitter/myspace will die. all instant messenger services will die,internet will become less safe and MUCH MUCH MORE!! Support the cause and fight the injustice THIS IS OUR NET DONT LET THEM CENSOR IT! TAKE ACTION Guest ! If We Dont Who Will?

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