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    Post  TeChN9Ne™ on Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:46 am

    Hello, Underground Portal, I am TeChN9Ne, Well as my gamer name, Friends Call me DK, yeah laugh all you want, as Dk= Donkey Kong, But People call me DK for short, i play the Socom series PSP games, Tryna learn coding, but just got a job so not going to be able to Do that as often, Nice to meet all of you, Hope i can Keep from getting haters on here xD 99% of people like me, 1% hate like theres no tomoro, i love, Video Games, Motocross, and spending time with my girl, that about wraps it up! Peace Homie

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    Re: D.FuHkiN.K

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    even tho i chat with you almost every day [stealing your line lol] welcome to the site man Smile

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