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    Application Guidelines Empty Application Guidelines

    Post  HX- on Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:03 pm

    Normal Application:
    1.Why do you feel you are fit to be apart of the staff here
    2.what position are you applying for
    3.why you want that position
    4.what can you contribute to the site if you were in that position
    5.previous experience in that position on other sites
    6.are you active enough for consideration of this position

    Coder Application:
    1.why do you feel you are worthy for the position of coder
    2.list at least 50 codes you made with code bb code around it. much do you understand about mip's. you use premade structure's for jokering/non-dmaing or do you make your own.
    5.are you active on the site much do you know about programming and use of script languages

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