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    Post  Mr_Waffle on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:54 pm

    #inf money
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x00BB9740 0x0000270F
    #inf hp
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x00BB9744 0x000003E7
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Edit to your liking
    0x00BB9738 0x00
    #Skills edit
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Edit to your liking
    0x00BB9748 0x00000000;Attack
    0x00BB974c 0x00000000;Defense
    0x00BB9750 0x00000000;Weight
    0x00BB9754 0x00000000;Speed
    0x00BB9758 0x00000000;Hit
    0x00BB975c 0x00000000;Avoid
    #Amount of xp
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Set to level up to 255
    ;Renders Level code useless
    0x00BB973C 0x00028000
    #Auto flee fights
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Kinda useless but meh
    0x00BB9764 0x00000000
    #Player size (in fights)
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Set to larger
    0x00BB977c 0x41000000
    #Viewing direction (in the walk free thing)
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x00BB9780 0x00
    #Delete timer
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x009875A8 0x00000000
    #Stop timer
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x009875A8 0x00000100
    #Starting amount of time
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Original value, mod to liking
    0x009875A4 0x00007530
    #Speed of countdown
    ;Hero 30 mode
    ;Original value
    0x009875Ac 0x41855555
    #Slo-mo countdown
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x009875Ac 0x3e855555
    #Stop time stack sub
    ;Hero 30 mode
    0x00000098 0x0a2001c0
    0x00000700 0x27bdfff8
    0x00000704 0xafa40000
    0x00000708 0xafa50004
    0x0000070c 0x3c040918
    0x00000710 0x3c050000
    0x00000714 0x24a50100
    0x00000718 0xac8575a8
    0x0000071c 0x8fa40000
    0x00000720 0x8fa50004
    0x00000724 0x03e00008
    0x00000728 0x27bd0008
    #Joker time
    ;Triangle=Time stop
    ;Circle=Time go
    0x00000098 0x0a2001d4
    0x00000750 0x3c0808f8
    0x00000754 0x8d08b624
    0x00000758 0x24090010
    0x0000075c 0x240a0020
    0x00000760 0x3c0b0918
    0x00000764 0x15090004
    0x0000076c 0x3c0c0000
    0x00000770 0x258c0100
    0x00000774 0xad6c75a8
    0x00000778 0x150a0004
    0x00000780 0x3c0c0000
    0x00000784 0x258c0101
    0x00000788 0xad6c75a8
    0x0000078c 0x03e00008

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