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    Post  Mr_Waffle on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:47 pm

    #Killswitch SFLS port
    ;Credit Mr_Waffle
    ;Additional pointer check for SF games
    0x00051AD8 0x0A200DC0
    0x00003700 0x3C080880
    0x00003704 0x3C0A08EE
    0x00003708 0x8D4A78EC
    0x0000370C 0x11400017
    0x00003710 0x240D0040
    0x00003714 0x8D4A0004
    0x00003718 0x254F0004
    0x0000371C 0x8D0936FC
    0x00003720 0x15200003
    0x00003724 0x3C0C08E6
    0x00003728 0xAD0F36FC
    0x0000372C 0x01E04825
    0x00003730 0x8D8C2BC4
    0x00003734 0x158D000D
    0x00003738 0x240D0009
    0x0000373C 0x8D2B0000
    0x00003740 0x000B6602
    0x00003744 0x158D0005
    0x00003748 0x24180008
    0x0000374C 0xAD6003D0
    0x00003750 0x25290004
    0x00003754 0x10000005
    0x00003758 0x00000000
    0x0000375C 0x5598FFF7
    0x00003760 0x01E04825
    0x00003764 0xAD6003D0
    0x00003768 0x25290004
    0x0000376C 0x03E00008
    0x00003770 0xAD0936FC
    #Control enemy aimed at v4
    ;Credit: Mr_Waffle
    ;L+DOWN to control enemy aimed at
    ;L+LEFT to go back to your own player
    ;Needs target lock ON
    0x00051AD8 0x0A200300
    0x00000C00 0x3C0808E6
    0x00000C04 0x8D082BC4
    0x00000C08 0x24090180
    0x00000C0C 0x240A0140
    0x00000C10 0x3C0B08EE
    0x00000C14 0x8D6C7628
    0x00000C18 0x11800014
    0x00000C1C 0x3C1808E6
    0x00000C20 0x8D6D78EC
    0x00000C24 0x11A00011
    0x00000C28 0x3C0F08E5
    0x00000C2C 0x85AD000A
    0x00000C30 0x150A000B
    0x00000C34 0x240AFFFF
    0x00000C38 0x25AD0002
    0x00000C3C 0x8D8E0024
    0x00000C40 0xAD8E0028
    0x00000C44 0x11CA0009
    0x00000C48 0x000E5602
    0x00000C4C 0x11400008
    0x00000C50 0x014D702A
    0x00000C54 0x11C00005
    0x00000C58 0x00000000
    0x00000C5C 0xA18A0003
    0x00000C60 0x15090002
    0x00000C64 0x8309D85B
    0x00000C68 0xA1890003
    0x00000C6C 0x03E00008
    0x00000C70 0x00000000
    #Manual Control Enemy
    ;Credit Mr_Waffle
    ;Change last byte to control other players
    ;Default = host
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x00655658
    0x00000000 0x01000801

    #Anti-Freeze glitch v1
    ;Cred: Mr_Waffles
    ;Use in game ONLY
    ;Turn off after game
    ;Overunder glitch will
    ;not freeze you
    0x00477228 0x03e00008

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